PetroIDM Drilling

PetroIDM Drilling


PetroIDM-Drilling is a web-based application providing drilling key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring, analytics, and reporting. Real-time data is analyzed, combined with contextual data and compared with plan/benchmark/offset data.

PetroIDM-Drilling facilitates proactive identification of performance gaps, allowing the decision-making teams to address performance barriers and associated causes of non-productive time (NPT) or invisible lost time (ILT) in a timely manner.



1. Data Quality Measurement 

2. Well Planning and Construction

3. Benchmarking

4. Look-back Analysis

5. Crew/Rig PPerformance Analysis

6. Remote Ops decision Support

7. Multi-well Project Performance Management

8. Multi-rig Operations Management

9. Failure and Lesson Learned Report

1. Drilling Data Management in Real-time and mid-term/long-term Duration

2. Standards (WITSML/PPDM)

3. The Latest Data Format Standards (WITSML 1.x, WITSML 2.x)

4. Capability to Add other Data Format (LAS, WITS 0)

5. Drilling KPI Database (+ 1200)

6. Custom Design KPIs

7. Custom Design Reports

8. Configurable Dashboards


1. Micro to Macro view of operations

2. Automated Daily Drilling Report

3. Drive repeatable section by section best performance

4. Provide Analysis and Visualization of Plan vs. Actual, Performance Opportunity time, rig activity, and crew performance

5. Improve operaional efficiency by reducing ILT and achieving higher performance

6. Display real-time dashboard of KPIs and activity compare values to benchmark metrics

7. Improve Well delivery

8. Proactively identify gaps to minimize risk

9. Scalable, multi-well analyis to systematically monitor and performance

10. Cost reduction and performance improvment

Up to 20% loss of Rig time in non-productive activities due to operational inefficiencies
Up to 30% Invisible Lost Time (ILT) related to inefficiencies around drilling prosses
0 +
More than 1200 Drilling KPI Database