PetroIDM-Data Transmitter and Converter

PetroIDM-DTC is a real-time data aggregation, conversion, and visualization solution for entire of well construction. It supports the UDP,TCP/IP, RS232, and Energistics Transport Protocol (ETP). PetroIDM-DTC supports online/offline archiving of realtime data and the information derived from it, enabling rapid playback for post-well analysis and diagnostics.

Founded on the WITSML® standard, PetroIDM-DTC can receive data from any vendor using WITSML, WITS 0, or other text formats and supports connections via WITSMLcompliant third party applications.

PetroIDM-DTC has a
flexible and user-friendly web browser interface connected to secure and redundant data hub. This PetroIDM-DTC viewer is a visualization tool for monitoring well construction activity and recalling data from diverse sources such as raw curves.



1. Aggregation of real-time data

2. multiple sources and formats at any wellsite

3. Integration of data during all phases of well construction

4. multiple service providers (vendor agnostic)

5. Remote operations supporting well construction

6. WITSML-standard data delivered to any WITSML client

1. Real-time management and monitor all phases of well construction

2. Cohesive wellsite and remote operations working with the same data at the same time

3. Based on the latest industry-standard formats (WITSML 2.0) for inputs and outputs

4. 24 x 7 technical support